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Fundatia “Tezaurul Sacru al Religiilor”

The seven sacraments that Jesus let to human kind

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MesajTrimis: Mie 03 26, 2008 3:40 pm    Titlul subiectului: The seven sacraments that Jesus let to human kind Rãspunde cu citat (quote)

After Archimandrite Ioachim Bala – The Orthodox Adviser of the Church

These are: the Holy Orders, Baptism, the Anointment, Confession, the Eucharist, the Extreme Unction and the Marriage.
Jesus told us when He came to earth: “Before Me, there were prophets, I am the son of God, I give you the New Law, I give you The New Testament”. After Jesus came Prophet Mohamed.
Jesus let to the 12 apostles the sacraments and told them: “I will clothe you in Holy Spirit after I go to The Father.” Christians celebrate clothing in fire tongues known as: “The descending of Virgin Mary” or “Whitsuntide”. The festivity it unfolds in plain sight as the apostles receive the gift of GLASOLALIE, the gift of divine speech (preaching), the gift of healing.
Jesus told them: “What I gave you (this divine gift), you will pass on to the priest you find worthy of, by crossing your hands on his head and saying my prayer. This is The Holy Ordain, that some have it from Jesus, some do not have it.(preachers, protestants and neo protestants).” At the Baptism service the priests perform three sacraments: - baptism with water, anointment and Eucharist.
The Sacrament of Baptism or The door of Sacraments, is the ritual which is performed by sinking the child 3 times in holy water, and it is meant to forgive the child of all forefathers sins and all his sins. The child is now given to the Saint Trinity.
The Anointment at the baptism with the Holy oil means that the child received the Holy Spirit and other necessary gifts for his life and salvation. This ritual ensures our sacred seal to God ant the Holy Trinity.
The Eucharist at the baptism represents the union with Jesus. For the first time in his life the child belongs to God. Jesus said that bred and wine are His body and His blood and taught the Apostles how to perform the sacrament. This ritual is performed with each Mass (every Sunday and every Red Cross day) and at Monasteries it is performed every day.
When the priest invokes the descending of the Holy Spirit, the Son Him Self descends on each table of each Altar of each church for he can be reborn in the Holy Cup, as the Saints clairvoyant saw Him and as He is represented in some of the icons, in order to give divine light to the bread and wine, to turn them into his body and blood. In a way that we can’t understand, by God’s wish the bread and the wine turns into divine blood and body to bring forgiveness to the ones that fast, confess and then take the Eucharist. The Bible and the New Testament shows: Jesus took bread, gave thanks for it, and broke it. He gave to the disciples, and said, “Take, eat; this is My body.” And then Jesus took the cup, gave thanks for it, and gave it to the disciples, and said, “Drink from it, all of you. For this is My blood of the new covenant, which is shed for many for the remission of sins”. - Matthew 26:26-28;
Then Jesus said unto them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you have no life in yourselves.” – John 6, 53.
The Anointment or the Seal of the Holy Spirit Gift it is performed at the Baptism. The Saint and Great Oil it is blessed in the church only in the Wednesday of the Crucifixion Week, and it is made from pure virgin olive oil mixed with 38 other natural scented oils brought from countries with hot climates, and are boiled together Monday Night towards Tuesday of the Crucifixion Week, by Holy Archangels dressed according to special arrangements. In the Saint Wednesday of the Crucifixion Week a Holly Bishop’s Mass it is performed by all the members of the Holy Synod. This scented oil, represents the multitude of the Gifts that Christians receive at the baptism from the Holy Spirit, it is poured in 7 or 12 special containers in the Holy Altar. At the
At the Holy Gifts Service and the Vohod, the containers are carried in the middle of the church by all the Archangels leaded by the Patriarch of the country. After the special prayers during the Holy Mass, they bless the Saint Oil and they carefully divide it in small containers that they send to all the churches in the country. The Holy Oil it is used in the sacred mass of Baptism, for blessing new religious establishments and altars and for the welcoming ceremony of various believers in the Orthodox religion. With out the Holy Oil there can be no baptism or blessings of new churches.
Confession it is the sacrament of revealing all of your sins to your priest. There is no men with out sin (Perfect is only God) on this earth. It is written in the New Testament: “What priests forgive on earth, forgiven is in heaven”, "Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive people's sins, then their sins are forgiven. If you don't forgive people's sins, then their sins are not forgiven."(John 20, 22-23). “God and our Lord and our Saviour Jesus Christ, with your grace and love of people, may He forgive you, my pastoral son, (Name) and may that God forgive all your sins and I, the unworthy priest and father confessor, by the power invested in me, I forgive and absolve you of all your sins, in the name of Father, and Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.”
The important thing is, after the confession, to start fighting with yourself, to build a self control and try to not do wrong again, as Jesus told Mary Magdalene “I forgive you, but do it no more!” It is impossible to change 100%, but God seas your effort, because nothing moves without His knowledge.
Matrimony is the sacrament through which the priest asks God to bless the union of a woman and a man, and the bride and bridegroom by placing their hands on the Holy Gospel they promise to be together in good or in bad, “For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife and the two shall become one flesh. So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate” (Matthew 19:5, 6). But people brake their promise to God, they brake apart and they do not deliver their cross to the end, indulging satan that wants to prove to God that humans are not worthy of His light, appearance and love. Thus separations take place that causes great heartbreaks especially to children, and these are big sins that can be forgiven only through repentance, confession, absolution from the priest.
Lets not forget that it is impossible for humans it is possible to God, and by fast and prayer and faith as small as grain we can move mountains to sea.
The extreme unction it is a Help Service performed by more then one priest and it is meant to heal and to bring help in people’s lives. “The Prayer of faith will save the ill one and will raise him to God, and if he had sinned, he would be forgiven. To the extreme unction they bring oil, bred or flour and by invoking the Holy Spirit they become healers of diseases and suffering, etc. The priests that perform this sacrament read 7 times from the Holy Gospel and in the end they read the service of Saint Vasile for the untying of the spells, curses that people use for harm towards their fellowmen indulging the evil one.
When a person has demonic like manifestations, the exorcism continues until the devil it is removed, but with great care so the satan within the person doesn’t kill the host. This sacrament was performed by Jesus on pigs that He later drowned.
Happy he who believes and saves him self. The churches are full because till this day the sacraments are miracle makers. Who feels the help of God and the priest in the church, never deserts Him. That it is why we see nowadays huge number of people standing in a queue for celebrating special red cross days like Christmas, Easter, Epiphany, etc.
- No being on earth or haven is as perfect as God. We all do mustaches, we do not know the astral code = the amount of Commandments that God let us in various texts delivered to various people all over the globe. We make mustaches and we charge with negative light and we draw diseases, suffering and aches upon our selves. And so we have to correct our mustaches in order to heal ourselves, and try to do no more mustaches, to confess, to cleanse ourselves in order to bring salvation for all believers. The Bible says: “What ever priests forgive on earth, forgiven stays in heaven too.” (Do not judge the priest to whom you confess. He is human too, and he makes mustaches, but he has something that we do not have: Grace from God and Jesus the Son. Judge no one and let us pray for the ministers and the ones that do You wrong.)
- To receive the Eucharist means to recharge with divine light for the forgiveness of your sins and spiritual strength.
- To confess means to be forgiven of your personal sins.
- To attend the Extreme Unction means to be forgiven of the sins that others committed upon yourself. (judgment, hate, envy, curses or spells)
If you do all this, you will immediately feel God’s help because you will give Him grate joy, and your guardian angel receives permission to help and enlighten you in everything that you do. Your life will change. Have faith in Him at least as big as o grain! Our angels have laws too! They don’t show you what to do twice! They give you an idea, if you listen it will be ok, if you do not it means that the evil one was stronger then you. To defeat satan ask God to help you in everything that you do, say, think, etc. You should know it is not enough to be a believer. You must help other people that do not know God. Make o Xerox copy of this material and give it to others. Thus you will fulfill the apostle’s work that Jesus let on earth. Bringing other souls to God joys Him very much. Even if the children, spouse, colleagues, relatives, friends, etc do not listen, you keep telling them in soft voice all of this and you will see that eventually your efforts will be repaid. Everyone has their trial and tribulations. The earth is an Universe’s school. We come on earth with divine light, but if we do not respect the divine commandments we will never get to the divine light, because God’s creation it is light with the power of thought. That it is why words matter so much. They create good or bad things for us, for the country, for the universe. We are born on this earth blind, deaf and lightless. We don’t see the inner light or the surrounding light. We do not hear the angels’ voices not satan’s voice because we are not open minded and wise. If we try to do at least what the prayer model says, we’ll notice that gradually we understand angels, and we can tell when satan tries to work through us. When you will fight satan, God’s joy will be obvious. You become a very good receiver and a very good transmitter telling people how God enlighten us with good ideas, like this material good for people that do not know religion or did not understand everything as they should have. May that all of us fulfill God’s commandments for we can all reach the divine light in heaven where God awaits us.
You will surely say: I try but I can’t fulfill all His commandments! It is only natural. Perfect is only God. You keep trying every day to be stronger. Jesus said 3000 years ago: “I did not bring you peace, I brought you war: 3 brothers you will be, two against one, one against two; five you will be in one house, three against two, two against three. I have opened the door to light, but it is mighty narrow!” the war is the constant fight with satan that we must defeat with calm and perseverance. Jesus brought salvation, but did not incarcerate satan. When we’ll all be united in His tent, He will be with us! (He will lock up satan) verse 1, Chapter 21 of John’s Apocalypse. The tent it is a reality now (ONU = globalisation), but not with His servants (verse 3, chapter 22 of John’s Apocalypse). God Help us that we all unite! Come Jesus in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holly Spirit and unite all of us!
Do you have doubts as to eternal life? You think it does not exist? God has shown to other religions the inner light that we have, and how it energetically works. That it is why the acupuncture it is used at the crossing of the light channels: ears, sole of the foot, etc. Doctors that have studied very well this matter do wanders, but not fore very long, because God tells us illnesses appear first on the soul. No doctor will cure the illness 100%. Only 50% or move it. In order to cure a disease we have to cleanse the spirit charged with negative light from sins. How? Confessing, taking the Eucharist and abstaining from sinning. This paper will be useful for the beginning of spiritual guidance and a minimum religious knowledge denied by materialist, communist, atheist wave propagated by satan, and people were unable to fight it. Now masturbation, gay behaviour, abortion, drugs, crime was born. Some of satan’s temptations since man has tasted the forbidden fruit and violated the promise made to God.
Violating this promise, humans fell in “God’s curse” of knowing evil. So did Lucifer and all his rebellious angels. For this capital sin the earth was submitted to many curses and Jesus promised that he will lift them all this millennium with the help of prophets (Saint Serafim of Sarov, Sundar Sing, etc).
This is why He told John that time is short and happy he who cleanse his soul to see God’s Kingdom which will come after the Apocalypse (many people tempted by satan to kill, to go to war, will soil other people through various methods including TV and press). Satan will hide in humans because he knows God’s love for people and His unwillingness to kill them. The important thing is to fight the evil that tries to take control over us.
In case you have a question you need to be answered, ask your priest to explain it to you or read the sacred texts of the religions, Guidance in the Orthodox faith, the Prologues – lives of the saints, some contemporaneous (how they fought with the devil): Cleopa, Argatu, Arsenie Boca, Galeriu C. and others.

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