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Fundatia “Tezaurul Sacru al Religiilor”

About Creation

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Marcela Ghiulbenghian
Site Manager

Data înscrierii: 11/12/2007
Mesaje: 282
Locaþie: Bucuresti

MesajTrimis: Mar 03 18, 2008 2:34 pm    Titlul subiectului: About Creation Rãspunde cu citat (quote)

To atheists, to people that don’t know God.

Those who graduated Theology Collage, can contribute with arguments to help find the truth which it is a mountain, but we only posses a grain.

The answers are from the Sacred Texts and the last revelations sent by Higher Entity to people in Romania and other countries. We start from the conviction of most people in the world (that are not atheists), that God exists. (In God we trust – stands written on the 1 $ coin and with the universal pyramid and the Holy Triangle – so, the Sons of Light, Fraternity or the grate freemasons which rule the world, know all these things and even makes them public.)
We were told by Prophets and clairvoyants that the Universe is a pyramid (with 7 layers of energy) and 9 layers of light with other 9 hidden layers, a total of 81 layers. (Ex. The earth has ionosphere, stratosphere, etc.)
The pyramid has o constant air current through the Universe, that moves the entire galaxy to the initial position in 2.300.000 years, that is 90 precessions of about 25.000 each. This is how we can calculate when the planets will sit in a straight line, or when a solar eclipse will take place, or a moon eclipse, or how we find our way on the ocean with the help of sea measuring units.
1. What is there in the Universe?
The Priests say it is The Holy Ghost, life, bio energy; Science people say there are various energies, (thermic, dynamic, electric, mechanic, etc,) and information.
What does God say about the Universe? He seas that the Universe is made of light with the power of thought. So, all energies and all information come from light and thoughts. Light is the essence to all energies.
The Universe is:
• Made of small particles of air which we can not see, but they joined and created sounds, and more sounds clusters created words.
• Words created uncreated energies and energies of storing.
• God created the earth, the human being, waters, winds, animals, birds, trees, vegetation, etc.
God tells us that Jesus is our sun. In the Bible they say: “I am the star that rises in the morning”, and when the total eclipse took place, the Romanians were totally protected because of the short meeting of the highest light entities organized in the sun at that moment. What is the consistence of the Universe? It is as transparent for our eyes as the light and air between us. But we were thought in school that the universe contains gases, ethers, alcohol, water, minerals etc. So the light has very much energy, gas, liquid, solids, plasma and information. Ex: Cloning. Any clone it is identical to the original because it cheeps for cloning a small particle that stores the information, the memory, according to some scientific papers.
But if the light it’s too bright, too intense, we can’t stand it, it burns our eyes. We say that are solar explosion but it is totally false. God tells us through the lights entities that we have two Universes: a light Universe and a dark universe, much like an upside down pyramid located at the center of the earth (hall) shaped like a human body figure – that it’s why the Bible talks about the belly of hall, the foot of hall, the jaws of hall, etc. – the graphic representation could be Brancusi’s “Column of Infinity”.
God also told us that are three kinds of energy:
• Uncreated (by someone)
• Created (by God)
• For storage (nothing gets lost, everything gets transformed)
In the universe of light the necessary energies are:
- God, Jesus, Holy Gust, the Trinity in top of the pyramid, but divine light and Holy Gust are all over the Universe, as God said “He is in us and we are in Him”.
- 9 x 9 layers of light
- In these layers of light dwell various light beings (people, animals, plants, etc).The ones closest to the top are brighter, they can handle God’s light that burns the incompatible beings.
- Gods, Prophets, cherubs (with 6 eyes), gods, elf, weird, seraphs with 6 wings, archangel, angels that are closest to us follow.
These uncreated light energies have positive charge. Here we find animals, birds, fruits, vegetables, stars, the sun, galaxies, plants, comets, astrals, etc. Beings from various planets are different light beings or imperfect beings like Lucifer, demons, crawling beings, pigs, goats, etc.(God tells us that He will separate us in goats and sheep).
The created energies are from God: earth, the human being, and every thing that exists in air, water and an earth.
Energies for storage:
Of information - words
- Thoughts
- Deeds
- Smells, ethers
- Music, etc
They can be found in Enoh’s tables or in the AKA SCH’s computer where only few clairvoyants and initiated people have access to.
2. Why did God create the Earth

2.a - So it can be a school for the hole Universe, for all the light beings that had come on earth at least once from the various light layers, (some from the higher layers, others from lower layers). They all had their share of trials that broth them closer to God (following divine orders) or to the devil (by drinking, theft, drug abuse, sins, pride, smoking, rage, murder, etc.)
2.b .Each and every one has to fight with the evil with in their hearts and to increase goodness by doing good.
2.c. The human head it is a receiver that collects information from the universe (positive or negative). They say: “I have got an idea!” – Where from? Who from? You can see the Sfinx with his eyes to the sky, meditating carefully upon the information that he receives, some have big years so they can hear better the information that they receive – from angels- good information
- From Lucifer – bad information, temptations
2.d. The human, with his mind has to decode the information. Through meditation or with grate perseverance, the brain receives the information, and if it is positive, then it is according to the laws of God. What ever it is not according to the laws of God, it comes from satan.
2.e. The human head it is also a transmitting device of the decoded information. It transmits thoughts, positive or negative energy, positive or negative words, positive or negative deeds. Every thing that the souls transmit, influence the universe which we create positive or negative.
2.f. When we stray from the divine path, divine beings come (UFO) that bring the fault to our attention or even extinguish the atomics hazards. (See the Cernobal disaster extinguished by UFO powerful lasers.)
2.g. There are other beings that come from the universe to investigate us, much like we try to find out what it is on other planets.
2.h. When God created the human, He went through several attempts until he found the shape that we have now. (according to the latest communications)
2.i. The Prophets, the scientists, the composers received information from the universe and left to the world astral codes. (sacred texts after the initiation of every nation) so we can return where we came from (into the light), science (astrology) scientific research, innovations, divine music, etc.
2.j. The angels that guide us have the permission to contact us if we maintain the divine order, because they too have laws and teachings. If we do not maintain the divine order we get tempted very easy by satan and his sinful tricks.
2.k. Why did God allow this? Because the light beings created at first were not able to defend themselves from the evil. They did not know temptation.
2.l. Why did God allow us to do wrong? So that we become more tolerant of each other and not throw the firs stone, so that we can repent what we did wrong and realize that we are not perfect. Perfect it’s just One, the One that gave us life, the Father of light, the Emperor of heaven and earth, the Emperor of the seen and the unseen, the One that awaits with grate patience and infinite merci for us to repent our mustaches and to cleanse our spirit. (and the body will heal)
2.m. The light being within the human body it is shown like a network map of energies that everyone that practice acupuncture has.
2.n. How can you become clairvoyant?
Fast and prayer and faith as small as a grain, and you can move mountains.
• Fast – for all the passions (food, sex, smoking, alcohol, anger)
• Pray with love, strength and with deep conviction. While you do this, you’ll notice that much information will come to you. If the information is good, you write it down, if not, you say “Be gone, satan!” and continue the prayer.
• Faith – If you don’t believe in God, you will not be helped. Jesus told us: “Ask and you will be given” “knock and you will be answered”. But does God give to everybody? No! He gives to the ones that believe and maintain the divine order.
2.o. How do we pray?
First – give praise to God and love
Second thank him for everything that he gave to us (light, air, life, warmth, water, trials to understand Him, etc)
Forgive everyone that has done wrong to us
We beg God for forgiveness for everyone that has done wrong and to everyone that we have done wrong to.
Personal prayers – various requests
3. What do I have to do to get to God? To acknowledge the prophets and all the sacred texts, the Son of God that gave us the New Testament ant told us that He is the Path, the Truth and the Life, to acknowledge God’s Houses and to go there regularly (each one in his own religion), to carry out the sacraments that Jesus Christ let us:
- Confession, receive the Eucharist, extreme unction, baptism, anointment, wedding.
- To acknowledge the holy orders of the priest, the wonders of the saints, to consent to God’s servants with out disparaging them.
- To go all Sundays to the Church where Jesus and the Holy Spirit descend from above to turn the bred and the water in the holy body and it’s blood, so that I can renew my faith in God, a stronger faith after I cleanse my body and my soul of sins.
- To do good deeds and to follow divine orders.
- To bless the house and to do charity.
4. Why do I have to carry out the sacraments?
- Because I do wrong, my inner light darkens with my sins and Jesus said that everything priests forgive on earth, forgiven will be in haven. That it is why we must confess.
- Because my relatives have done wrong, God said: “Do not angry me because I will damn your whole family till the 9th generation and I will destroy you all!” So, you ask the priest to read your personal prayer and ask God to untie all curses, spells and all evil.
5. Why do I have to do the extreme unction? Why do I have to go to the Service of Saint Vasile the Great?
Because Evil has his own people on this earth, witches, demons (the unsealed ones, the ones not noted in the book of life from the beginnings of time). They swear, curse, bewitch, damn, do all sorts of evil things. Through extreme unction and exorcism priests remove the works of God.
- I did everything that I was supposed to. I am clean. But I have to receive the Eucharist to renew my commitment to God.
6. When the human spirit dispersed in the body it maintains the divine order at all times with love it joins with the divine spirit and only then the human is on the right path. He becomes completely happy as he denies the pleasures of life. Only then the angel is allowed to help you with what you ask God for.
7. What is at the foundation of the Universe?
- Information (DNA)
- Movement (the wind of the universe that brings earth in the exact same position once 9 x 2.300.000 years)
- Light that has all the energies
- Laws, divine order
- Storing everything (everything it is reduced to 1 or 0, but nothing is lost)
- The Holy Spirit, their life, each cell of light is alive.
- God tells us that He is everything, He is the One He is. He has all the information, movement, light (we are in Him and He is in us). He is the order. He is the Holy Spirit. He made the haven and the earth.
- He tells us about the humans: “look at him and you will know if he is loved by Me”. If he has defects, he is not loved by God, he is punished. He is loved by satan.
8. How can the human be happy? How can the human reach the eternal light? Repent!
- Give your life for someone else. Saving a human means saving the universe.
- Maintain the divine order.
9. Why should I do confess to a priest? Isn’t he a sinful man like everybody else?
Yes, but he has grace from God. He will pay too for his sins. We are not allowed to judge anyone. God tells us that He knows everything.
10. Read the Seven Sacraments and you will understand what grace from God means, what are the sacraments about and what power they have, and you will start feeling the miracle.
11. Why do we get ill? Why do we suffer?
There are 3 reasons:
- I have sinned
- My family sinned
- Other sin and they send me negative thoughts: curses, spells, etc
What does God say about health? No doctor will ever cure a disease more then 50%, because the disease appears first on the soul, and later on the body. Cleanse you spirit and you will cure the body: “Don’t do it again!” (Said Jesus to Mary Magdalene). From “The Seven Sacraments” you will understand the power that the Sacraments hold. From “Health in Sacred Texts” you will see that diseases can be cured in many ways.
How do we have to feed ourselves according to the Sacred Texts? – Nothing cooked in any way, frozen or rotten in water. Do not eat meat because you will answer for every killed animal. God said “Do Not Kill!” But humans rebelled and pleaded with Moses to ask God for leniency, and he did so that people don’t hate God.
Alcohol and any strong drink is a abomination in God’s eye.
What happens if we do eat cooked, frozen or meat? – Religion says that the bones will solidify, bowels will rot, will get bad breath and ear wax.
OMS says that any disease can be cured with natural diet and Jesus told us that God gave us fruits, vegetables, milk and honey for food.
OMS says that cooked aliments like
- Salt
- Pasteurized dairy products
- Bred
- Extra virgin oil
- Sugar, sweetener
- Chemical detergents
- Pollution
- Chemical fertilizer
- Chemical preservatives, E-s
- Unfiltered water
- Synthetic drugs
- Alcohol
- Smoking tobacco
Are poisons.

• How can we be healthy?
Respecting the divine order, cleaning our soul, the energetic shield, positive thinking, correct diet, because Jesus said that with fasting, prayer and faith as small as grain we can move mountains in he sea.
• What does respecting divine order means? - to read, to know and to apply in your every day life God’s commandments. If you do wrong, you load your self with negative energy, you attract disease and you lose the power.
• But is it playing fair enough? If there is no love, there is nothing. But what kind of love? – Love your neighbours like you love your self. – Love your God above every one else. – Saving one men, you save the universe.
• Why should we fast? Because we need a complete body detoxification (with a natural diet)
• What other treatments let God? – acupuncture, pressure therapy, reflex therapy, therapeutic massages, worm baths, mud baths, sun baths, ozone, sauna, unconventional treatments (bio energy, magnetic therapy, medicinal plants, apiarian products – pollen, propolis, royal jelly, bee wax) physical exercise, sports, crystals therapy, sacred therapy, clay, etc.
• How efficient are these treatments?
- they can succeed or not, according to the spiritual cleanliness of the individual
- they are cheep
- the treatments treat the cause of the disease, not the effect.
- They rejuvenate the tissue
- They eliminate stress
- If you became healthy, you increase your personal work time.
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