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      Fundatia nu isi asuma raspunderea pentru continutul articolelor publicate.
      Pentru acestea sunt responsabili doar autorii, in concordanta cu legea presei.
      Publicarea scrisorilor de la cititori sau a mesajelor din Forumul de discutii se face in virtutea libertatii de opinie si expresie a acesteia.
      Punctul de vedere si ideatica scrisorilor si mesajelor afisate nu coincid in mod necesar cu cele ale redactiei.

      Forumul este creat pentru a ne informa reciproc despre spiritualitate, actiuni civice, sociale, sanatate, cultura, stiinta, etc.
      Va asteptam la fiecare subiect cu intrebari, clarificari, sugestii, informatii de specialitate.
      Pentru a adauga mesajul dumneavoastra folositi parola de inregistrare.

Fundatia “Tezaurul Sacru al Religiilor”


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Marcela Ghiulbenghian
Site Manager

Data înscrierii: 11/12/2007
Mesaje: 282
Locaþie: Bucuresti

MesajTrimis: Lun 03 03, 2008 5:24 pm    Titlul subiectului: FORUM CONDUCT RULES Rãspunde cu citat (quote)

Please insert messages regarding discussions and debates related to the topics, opinions, creeds, or different cultures similarities of our participants. Cheep in mind the goal of the topic and the language you have to use.
Remember that there are different customs and beliefs, that no one knows absolutely everything, and that’s why we are here, to share knowledge and to find out new things and various points of view, good or bad, but in a civilized manner, in an argumentative manner, not with criticism and angry outbreak towards the writer.
We debate topics and opinions, not the authors.
Pay attention to the terms of conduct of the forum. The rules have the purpose of creating a nice, fruitful and enjoyable environment for our Users. We wish that our Users share information so that every one can find new and exciting things. Debates and controversies have to be argumentative and constructive. No matter what they say, it is batter to discuss the topic, not the writer. Just because you don’t like some opinions or you have different ones, doesn’t mean that you have to insult the writer. No matter what condition you think the person might be in, don’t think evil thoughts. Don’t tell him evil words.
We all have our temptations – we are not well or enough informed.
Help us so that people leave the forum more informed, better persons and then, come back.
This is a spiritual convergence and religious education forum. So, the language that we use it is Romanian for Romanian people. We favor a gentile and coherent language. For foreign Users, English is the language to use.
The Manager will do everything in his power to ensure the fulfillment of the forum’s goal, but he will not take any responsibility for the information or unfit messages content that the Users publish.
The Manager will do everything in his power to ensure the best possible forum function quality, but in spite of all the effort, there may be breakage in the internet system, or indefinite impossibility of User logging.
Messages / information of our Users will be, if necessary, moved by any mean in other discussion section or forum.

The best literary compositions inspired by the following two commandments will be awarded:
• Put God before anyone else – put God first in your life. "I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery. "You shall have no other gods before me."
• Love your neighbor as you love your self. "Love one another even as I have loved you."

The speed governor it is here to serve you. The Managers and speed governor are here to help you use the forum properly.
If you have a problem or you do not approve the language of a User, please let the Manager or speed governor know.


For using the forum of the site it implies a total and unconditional agreeing of the following conditions. The conditions may be changed at any moment by the Manager, with out prior notification of the current Users. The Users will have unlimited access to the FORUM CONDUCT RULES section. In case they do not agree with the conditions, they will have to stop accessing the forum.


Our portal offers to the Users a series of means of communication, information and news about the orthodox religion and others, in order to communicate with other fellow believers with the purpose of creating a spiritual convergence.
The management of the site doesn’t take any responsibility if some of the information it is delivered late, lost, deleted or not saved due to server malfunction. As “User” you use the information from the forum as you will, but if the information that you use causes any kind of damage you accept that the Manager and/or speed governor of the site are acquitted of any responsibility.


It is absolutely forbidden to the User to publish through the site and forum messages and information containing:
• Obscene or hurtful messages meant to harm a person or more
• Commercial purposes
• Unfit (according to the Manager) information for the goal and to the educational purpose of the forum.
• Violations of author’s rights of third parties.
Banning the access to a User may or may not be preceded by notice form, by Manager’s choice only. We do not admit immoral messages, ungrounded criticism, vulgar words, information opposed to sacred books. The offenders will be permanently band or deleted from the forum. If the Manager concludes that a User does not conform to the conditions, brings or can bring any harm to the goal of the forum, can restrict or deny him access to the forum. We do not admit insults, name calling or any other unfit language.
Restriction means:
• Deleting of messages that do not apply to our terms and conditions.
• Temporary or permanent access band of a user account and all the information that it contains.
• Deleting various options and access deny.

We strongly discourage attacks against people, religions or cults, we seek similarities, not differences.
The user it is held responsible for all information published through services. The administration will not be held responsible in a juridical manner or any other manner, for the information that the users publish in the forum.


The User has the obligation to provide us with true information about them selves to the creation of the personal account. If the Manager has any reason to doubt the validity of the information, reserves the right to deny access to that User.
The entire responsibility of any kind, for the information and messages published in the forum by the users, it held exclusively to the User.


For the Private Messages service, understands the private nature of the service and respects the confidentiality of the sender and the receiver. The administration will not edit, modify or intercept the private messages in any way. To the express request of Romanian authorities with jurisdiction in the matter, reserves the right to provide the existent information regarding a certain User and all his activities performed in the portal.


After the …. Of the registration form, the User will receive an account and a password. The User it is totally responsible for the confidentiality of the name account, the password and the email address and it’s password. The User it is also responsible for the information published in the given account. The administration does not take responsibility for the fraudulent accessing of the account by third parties.


The does not take any responsibility if the Users can not access the portal’s services for indefinite time due to technical, commercial, blockage or virus causes.

FINAL AGREEMENT administration reserves the right to:
• Modify at any time the content of this agreement, with ought prior notice to the Users.
• To cease access to any user that violates the conditions mentioned before.
• To cease all services in case of circumstances outside one’s control
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