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Fundatia “Tezaurul Sacru al Religiilor”

Deeds God likes and that can lead us eternally to the light

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Marcela Ghiulbenghian
Site Manager

Data înscrierii: 11/12/2007
Mesaje: 282
Locaþie: Bucuresti

MesajTrimis: Mie 06 11, 2008 2:12 pm    Titlul subiectului: Deeds God likes and that can lead us eternally to the light Rãspunde cu citat (quote)

1. regretting the mistakes
2. prayer from all our heart, along with beads
3. swearing the devil from us and around us
4. lighting candles – lamps for the Holy Trinity, the Virgin Mary and for our angels and saints
5. confession
6. Eucharist
7. going regularly to the Church on Sundays
8. Making unchaining prayers for all the members of the family, until the 9th generation, for charms, swears, and other bad things.
9. Regularly making extreme unction, and after them the prayer of St. Vasile (the more often possible when you have sorrow)
10. Paying a sum of money at church (Meleahi – the reprimand of Israel) from the personal money of the family, which is given in the 4 Sundays so that God rises the revenues
11. Total removal of swears, bad words, negations from your vocabulary; never talk about the Devil. Do not drink alcohol, do not take drogues. Do not smoke, because you make happy the devil not God.
12. Eliminate any bad thought, negative, the judgement of others, the vainglory, the dirt
13. Renounce at your sins, at the lies, at gossips, at judging other persons, your relatives, your neighbors, the state, etc. Always think if what you would want to tell or do is pleasant before God.
14. Work for your bread, gain it with the your own sweat (do not steal, do not panhandle)
15. Do not eat pig because it is dirty; the same the fish without flakes are dirty. Take lent for 1 year (because Jesus said: “by lent – he put the lent on the first place – and prayer and as much belief as a grain of mustard you can move the mountains”.
16. Sanctify your clothes, your house, your car, your family and your icons.
17. Stay down on your knees in front of your priest, because he has God’s gift, left by his son Jesus by the sacrament of the priesthood.
18. Do not watch television, because it takes you to the sin with your eyes and with your thoughts.
19. Take lent of sex (erotic thoughts). Do not spoil yourself (in the television the spoils are from the devil).
20. Make pity acts, voluntary work, help your fellows (not first the animals, because it is God who cares about them).
21. When you are sick, you are in sorrow, in pain, ask yourself where is your mistake, what is the thing that you didn’t accomplish from the things above.
22. There are many commandments to accomplish. To find them you must read the Bible. To your children, fellows, comrades, subordinates, you must give this prayer so that they learn to get close to God. This way you bring joy to God, because there is a mirth in the sky when a sinful person comes back to God.
23. If we want to cure a disease, to solve a case, we must unchain ourselves from the sins, to clean our spirit, because the diseases, the sorrows appear first in the spirit and then in the body. This way we will move the illness and the sorrows. We have 3 types of sins:
a. of the nation in which we are born, this is why we make the prayers (according to the Bible, to the Old Testament) to unchain even our 9th generation
b. sins done by ourselves, so we have to confess and do the Eucharist
c. Sins that others do against us, which can be unchained by the extreme unction and the prayer of St. Vasile.
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