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Fundatia “Tezaurul Sacru al Religiilor”

Did you know that...

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Marcela Ghiulbenghian
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Data înscrierii: 11/12/2007
Mesaje: 282
Locaþie: Bucuresti

MesajTrimis: Mar 06 10, 2008 4:35 pm    Titlul subiectului: Did you know that... Rãspunde cu citat (quote)

1. In many states of the USA the employees of the road department always keep 10 litters of Coca-Cola to clean the blood on the road, after a car crash.
2. If you put a piece of meat in a recipient with Coca-Cola, it decomposes in 48 hours.
3. To clean your toilet bowl, it’s enough to spill in a cup of Coca-Cola, and leave it for 30 minutes; than flush the water (the citric acid in Coca-Cola cleans the dirt).
4. To clean oxide from rusted surfaces, it’s enough to scrub them with a piece of aluminum foil, soaked in Coca-Cola, and the stains will disappear.
5. To clean the metal contacts of a car battery pour some Coca-Cola on them, and the dirt will dissolve.
6. To lose a rusted screw, place a piece of cloth soaked in Coca-Cola in it for a few minutes, and the screw will loosen with no problems.
7. To remove rust from your tools, apply the previous procedure and the rust will disappear.
8. To detach any type of paper, gum or silicone from a glass surface, apply the same previous procedure.
9. It is also useful to clean your car’s windshield after a drive.
10. The active ingredient in Coca-Cola is phosphoric acid, which has a PH of 2.8, enough to dissolved a nail in 4 days. Phosphoric acid is very harmful to the calcium in your bones, and is one of the most recognizable guilty for osteoporosis. It determines the loss of mineral salts in your bones, and this means that calcium is not properly dissolved in your body, leading to weakness in bones, and so, increasing the risk of fractures. This acid, in combination with sugar, slows down the absorption of iron, which causes anemia, and facilitates infections, especially at children, elders and pregnant women.
Coca-Cola also contains carbonic gas, which develops into an ingredient that causes psychological addiction. It also contains a potentially vicious substance: caffeine, which if taken in large amounts (from 400 to 600 mg) can cause insomnia, tachycardia, migraines, and even a state of anxiety. A cup of Coca-Cola contains about 50 mg of caffeine. It also contains an additive called e-150, associated with the deficiency of vitamin B6, which is important for assimilating proteins from the organism. Lack of vitamins can lead to anemia, depression and confusion, among other symptoms, and generate an exaggerated activity and a small level of glucose in the blood. And not only that, the sugars that the body can’t digest transform into fat, leading to excessive body weight, and even obesity problems. The sugars in soda, slowly dissolve teeth, weakening them and causing cavities.
Once, diabetes was only bound on adult patients, but recently an increase in the case of this disease has been observed in children and teenagers with weight excess. Diabetes is a disease that affects mostly the eyes, kidneys, legs and heart. And to those who think they can solve the problem with Cola Light, we give a different news: there are scientific studies that show that the consumption of sugar, replacements of sugar in large amounts cause brain damage, memory lose and mental combustion.
The substance that causes these affections is called aspartame, and researchers say it may lead to Alzheimer. Also, they showed that chemical components of Aspartame could cause 7 consequences if taken excessively, such as lesions of the retina and of the nervous system.
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