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as founder, suited about republication of Statute
 The foundation "THE SACRED TREASURE OF RELIGIONS", which is a juridical person, was granted status through civil recognition by number 147/20. 09. 1994 of Courthouse of Sector 1 Bucharest, given File number 137/PJ/1994 and which is submitted to the disposals of O.G. Nr. 46/2000, O.G. Nr. 37/2003 and other legal settlements, on specifics, in operation.


CHAPTER I - Name, juridical status, center and duration


 Art. 1. The Name of the Foundation is "THE SACRED TREASURE OF RELIGIONS", a juridical rightful private person.
 The Foundation’s logo is:" REAL FAITH IN GOD”.
 Art. 2. The center of the Foundation "THE SACRED TREASURE OF RELIGIONS" is located in Bucharest str. Gral Cristescu nr. 12, Sect. 1. It can be moved to any other place in Romania through decision of the board.
All papers and documents emanating from the foundation will carry, next to the official name, the identification number of Courthouse form, Sector 1, Bucharest, logo and the name of the center of the Foundation;
 The Foundation can set up subsidiary agent’s desks etc, on the Romanian territory or in other countries, in its own spaces or other acquired through legal methods.
 Art. 3. Duration of Foundation: "THE SACRED TREASURE OF RELIGIONS" exists for an indeterminate length of time.


CHAPTER II – Necessity to Create the Foundation


Art. 4. The project deals with certain universal religious musts related to the existing social framework. While the rituals of religious celebrations become more and more varied, often risking to fall into inevitable traps, aggressive materialism, atheism, wars based on religious conflicts together with the arms-race lead to poverty of the people and to an impending danger for the Earth: cultural decadence, ecological crisis, cloning or euthanasia that frequently trespass the Divine Laws. The existence of all the conflicts is based on a partial or total lack of communication among the religious representatives. The religious crisis generated by the present world-context is symptomatic, and the cause or its effects are well enough known, needing no further comments. The above examples and many others become solid reasons to initiate a permanent Interreligious dialogue of the representatives of world religions in Bucharest – Romania (Eastern Europe), and this is the only viable way towards mutual knowledge and rapprochement.



CHAPTER III - The Foundation’s purpose

Art. 5.The purpose of the Foundation is to create a permanent dialogue amongst religious representatives from all countries. In its demarches, the Foundation intends to carry out a permanent interreligious dialogue in order to create a world spiritual convergence.Therepresentatives’ forum will gather periodically and will debate themes to understand the necessity of God’s word and recognition of all His creations. 
Another goal of the Foundation is to create a building where in harmony those who love God will gather in peace, and so it will become a real factor in understanding and peace, building in this new millenium.


Art. 6. The Foundation" THE SACRED TREASURE OF RELIGIONS" will act on the care of the principle:" Through faith in God all the peoples are brothers, limbs with complete and equal rights of the world communion, irrespective of differences with no discrimination, united in permanent dialogue to achieve spiritual conciliation, for a durable peace, unity and love between the nations of the Earth.”
The Foundation acts in the direction of union of confessions in a permanent dialogue: Unity in diversity and recognizes God’s education for all of the world’s peoples, for the true love and glory He deserves.

Art. 7. The Foundation" THE SACRED TREASURE OF RELIGIONS" bases its organization and good working on the principles and practices of democracy, through cultivation of open dialogues and exchange of opinions, in view of objective realization, based on sacred texts, the traditions, the international conventions, geopolitical situation, the social and interpersonal relations.
In dialogue will participate lay people, concerned about the burning spiritual and scientific issues and peace on earth.

Art. 8. The foundation" THE SACRED TREASURE OF RELIGIONS" is free in its relations with all political and governmental organizations; it does not allow for any interference in its activity towards the suggested aims;

Art. 9. In order to reach its objectives and aims, the foundation "THE SACRED TREASURE OF RELIGIONS" cooperates without any discrimination with all social and political forces, social bodies, governmental and non governmental institutions, maintaining the availability for dialogue with governmental and civil society structures, in the spirit of partnership.

Art. 10. The Foundation" THE SACRED TREASURE OF RELIGIONS" will struggle for a spiritual, positive education and tolerant to all society projects in all social activities, material, vocationally, moral, health, legislative, interpersonal relations, home and international, nonviolence, all levels of age, irrespective of sex, inclusively ethical families problems, children’s etc. The foundation promotes a wide spectrum of cooperation with similar organizations from other countries, with international forums that have in their preoccupations problems as above mentioned.

Art. 11. To define the religion of which I am a member and answer why this non governmental organisation was born, I declare my confession to be the Christian Orthodox, but with this testimony I consider honest to add that I see Orthodoxy as being open spiritually to all the religions of the world. In His word, God said: “Let us create man in our image and likeness"(Genesis 1:26)
We Christian Orthodox see the image of the Son of God imprint in man since creation and thus, in each man we see our brother, and all together we are the children of God, the Heavenly Father, through His Son, Son of Man, our Lord Jesus Christ.


CHAPTER IV: Objectives and methods of achievement

Art. 12. The foundation" THE SACRED TREASURE OF RELIGIONS " starts from the assumption that all peoples have a common cognition: the existence of God. The Foundation’s objective is to create a permanent dialogue in a Forum of religious representatives from each country, in order to arrive at a common cognition, without enforcing ideas on someone and without stepping across the individuality and personality of others, in sight of establishment of a durable peace in agreement and tolerance.


The objective of the Foundation will achieve through:

Art. 13. a. The foundation" THE SACRED TREASURE OF RELIGIONS", through its own funds and with material support from dedicated sponsors, will organize meetings, seminaries, internal assemblies and international gatherings on the basis of its own documents or proposals of faithful people, containing the theme and problems of concern for the contemporary world.
b. To this end it will develop cooperation on multiple levels of profile with internal and international organizations, religious or lay, to the level of physical or juridical persons, to encourage the confessional preparation as much as possible among the brothers, from all meridians of the earth.
c. The quantum and the way of proper social and geographic support will be decided by the Foundation Chairman along with the Steering Committee.
d. The Foundation" THE SACRED TREASURE OF RELIGIONS" will deploy any legal activities or partnership, driving directly or indirectly to the Foundations objectives and in connection with dynamic social-economic and moral Romanian life, through cooperation with European and international schemes. These objectives can be enriched with new precautions corresponding with the Foundation’s goals.
Art. 14. Through attraction of devotees of this noble idea for peace and spiritual – humanist conciliation, through the creation of Clubs, through catechizations, through the formation of alliances with other NGOs.
Art. 15. Through cultural sharing: Festivals, religious musical contests, paintings and galleries etc.
Art. 16. In view of setting up of a multifunctional complex, the purchasing of a proper ground for the construction of a center for permanent dialogues among ambassadors of all religions, and their employees. This establishment will be a mega complex with a hall of conferences for religious representatives and spaces for housing and functionality of other annex activities.
Art. 17. To this aim, it will proceed to:
 a. Elaboration of projects of zonal urbanism and gain the special approvals from all competent forums.
 b. Designing and building of desks and halls of lecture on the purchased ground
 c. Creation of a future model center
 d. Development of a monastic house with chappel, that can be donated
 e. Attraction of finances through a project for a multinational center, multicultural, multiethnic with halls for movies, libraries, spaces for recreation and education
 f. Attraction of finances through projects for develop auxiliary sections for internal production of goods: cold dehydrated produces, natural juices etc.
g. Founding solutions of self-financing through production of goods, touring, pilgrimage, state jobs, raffles, exhibition, publishing houses, printing press, transports, schooling etc.
h. Participation in conferences, national and international meetings
i. Designing and building of specific places of worship of adherent religions
j. Designing and building of halls for: social assistance, polyclinics, hospitals, garden for little children, halls of exhibition, places for relaxation, canteen, restaurant, commercial spaces, workshops, warehouses, storehouses, agricultural farming, graziery, greenhouses, solariums, orchards etc., glebe growth, processing of agricultural production, garages, roads, fittings, Organizing of a shipyard, printing press, cemetery, etc., As annexes of the Foundation complex and Forums of Interrelation Dialogue
 k. To attract donors and sponsors for the of objectives realization
Art. 18. Establishment of an association with representative religions and ethnics from Romania
Art. 19. The elaboration of a project of permanent religious dialogues in the shape of Forum for Interreligious Dialog (F.I.D.), flow-charts, organizing dialogue structures and rules of organization and operation, translated into English.
Art. 20. Advertising media for achievement of foundation objectives, what has been proposed and achieved.
Art. 21. The promotion, through Internet, of permanent Interreligious dialogues project. Creation of a site, and transmitting of the site to all religious representatives from all the countries, through e-mail, in order to obtain completions and modifications
Art. 22. The re-making of diverse information for the project to carry out permanent Interreligious dialogues.
Art. 23. InitiatingInterreligious Conferences, of 7 days with religious representatives; debate in plenary analysing, voting and signing of structure charts and necessary budgets. A religious representative from each country will participate in person or by proxy. He/she can approve and sign the structure, the charter and the budget. It is willed to be present as many as possible of peak religious personalities (Patriarchs, Rabbis, Muftis, Presidents), for permanent religious dialogue, so that it should become a qualitative authority.
Art. 24. The budget confirmation and accreditation of religions representatives (their ambassadors) to provide housing, feeding, spaces for the conference in function of the present members number.
Art. 25. The creation of departments and regulations for the departments
Art. 26. Finding solutions for self-financing of permanent Interreligious dialogues
Art. 27. Designing and building the permanent center, property of the Interreligious Dialogue Forum, to be a House of praise and love for the Heavenly Father, for all religions to adore Him, and regulations for internal order;
Art. 28. Establishing the endowments of the Interreligios Dialogue Forum center;
Art. 29. Keeping and householding of the Interreligious permanent dialogue center;
Art. 30. The Charter of the Forum will lead everything to the uplifting of the grand confessional construction.
Art. 31. Initiation of debates, in case it is required, with interested forces in these fields and finalizing them in possible common demarches.
Art. 32. The organizing of meetings, press-conferences on the entire country, adoption declaration of principle, which will favor growth of impact under the Foundation’s preoccupations about all Romanian and international public opinions;
Art. 33.Active and efficient participation of the Foundation “THE SACRED TREASURE OF RELIGIONS" in all national, regional and international meetings, in view to gain advantages in cooperation and collaboration with organizations and institutions which share in their problematic preoccupations in the object of activity and the aim of the Foundation;
Art. 34. Through setting-up and development of, through spiritual units, specific activities of educating confession, cultural and social for all ages, with fondness for children and youth, in the common spirit of spiritual freedom.
 Art. 35. Through the realization all over the country is territory, of a large system of necessary means of publicity and mediation for the Foundation’s activities, in order to sensitize public opinion with problems which make the object of the Foundation "THE SACRED TREASURE OF RELIGIONS".
Art. 36. Through human, multilateral, mutual wisdom deployed in diverse situations, free of discrimination and free of prejudice, which will underlie all the outpourings and acts of the Foundation " THE SACRED TREASURE OF RELIGIONS", as much on the local plan , national or in other countries, merely on the path and means of friendship and contextually with the legislation of the respective territory.
The ways and means of human mutual aid will take upon any legal form, operative and efficient, starting with well-to-do people down to their spiritual brothers in material needs, of health or culture.
Art. 37. The publication of a materials with educational character, of specifically stated kind, through books, review, newspaper and other types of publication in languages of international circulation and through directly and personal helping believers, endowment with scholarships of studies and perfecting, as much on the local level and in foreign countries.





Art. 38. The initial patrimony of the Foundation" THE SACRED TREASURE OF RELIGIONS" was in the amount of 150.000 Lei, in main, from financial contribution in cash.
The patrimony of the Foundation can be whole through periodic contributions of the members and friends.
To this patrimony belongs the domain totalizing 44, 0143 Ha in the village of Vidra Jud. Ilfov, tarlaua 23 and 24, as per authenticated papers of donation.
Art. 39. The Foundation’s patrimony can receive contributions, donations, patronage, subvention from local or state budget, the interests and dividends resulting from investments of available sums in bonds, incomes derived from economic, direct own activities (transport, trade, state jobs, architectural work equipment, exploitations, publishing house, press, radio, TV, publicity, touring, exhibitions, cultural-social educative shares etc.) in accordance with the foregoing art. 47and 48 from O.G. Nr. 26 / 2000 and O.G. Nr. 37 / 2003.
The Foundation can accomplish the advantageous activities of the kind mentioned above, having its own commercial societies or in association with a third grantee person, cooperation etc. As per legislation in force, incomes will be reinvested.
Art. 40. Through the Board decisions the programme of activity can modify the budget, all that will be necessary and the organizational structure, in order to achieve the objectives set out.
The patrimony is indivisible, but it can be spent with the notice of foundress and Board.




Art. 41. The structure of Foundation" THE SACRED TREASURE OF RELIGIONS" is:
a. The Board, made up of:
-          President
-          1 vice-president
-          1 financial director
b. Auditor.

 Art. 42. The Board is a body of management of the Foundation and consists of three members nominated by the founder. The Board members can be changed by the founder depending on necessities.
Art. 43. The Boardsecures the realization of Foundation’s aims and objectives, validating the Foundation decisions exercising the following attributions:
1.      Establish the general strategy and program of the Foundation;
2.      Approve the budget of incomes and expenditure;
3.      Approve the balance-sheet;
4.      Chooses and revokes the auditor of the foundation;
5.      Approves the establishment of subsidiary;
6.         Finalizes the juridical papers, in the name and at the expense of the    Foundation;
7.      Secures the execution budgets of incomes and expenditures;
8.      Approves the flow-chart and strategy of personal ale foundations;
9.      Approves the change central center and Foundation’s center;
10.Approves changes in the Foundation’s  Statute;
11.Carries out any others attribution foreseed in law or in statute;
The Council Board chairwoman is the founder and will look up after the Foundation’s incomes and expenditures.
Art. 44. The organization and the operation of the Council Board and other compartments of the Foundation are established through internal rules, approved by the Council Board.
Art. 45. The financial internal matters of the Foundation are looked by an auditor. He must be authorized bookkeeper or chartered accountant, specialist in economic fields.
The auditor’s competence:
Verify in which way is administrated the patrimony of foundation, incomes and the expenditures respectively;
Draw up the reports and presents them to the Council Board;
He can assist in the sitting of the Board, but with no right of vote;
Carry out any other attribution foreseen in Statute or established by the Board.
Art. 46. About members:
-             GHIULBENGHIAN MARCELA is the unique founder of the Foundation" THE SACRED TREASURE OF RELIGIONS" and she can transmit all her rights to her descendency on successional path, to heirs, on the condition to respect the aims and the statutory objectives of Foundation;
-             The Foundation" THE SACRED TREASURE OF RELIGIONS" has in its structure honorable presidency, honorary members, the members and sympathizers etc.
-             The Foundation reunites personalities, professionals and members from diverse social - professional categories people of culture and other areas, who can adhere to the Foundation" THE SACRED TREASURE OF RELIGIONS"
-             Organizationally, the members and the sympathizers, the honorary members and the honorary presidents of the Foundation can become persons who will declare written in agreement their attachment to the aim and the objective of the Foundation, and who wish to help advance the material or moral acts of the Foundation.
-             The Foundation’s members can be promoted in public, inside the Foundation, and have the obligation to support the interests and the Foundation’s ideas.
-             The members who deploy worthy activities within the Foundation can receive scholarships, material reward and help, for these activities, if they contribute with ideas and initiative to the organization acts and the Foundation’s programs.
-             The members who will violate the Foundation’s Statute or Romanian laws can be excluded through decision of the Board.
-             The members, who will be excluded, do not have any rights to the Foundation’s property.
Fr. Dr. Costachi Galeri, the mentor of the Foundation, who passed away, is declared:
Honorary President post-mortem, remaining mentioned in the Foundation’s Statute thereunder this dignity.
Are nominated as honorable presidents of the Foundations the following personalities:
Acad. Rev. Prof. Dr. Dumitru Popescu.
Acad. Dr. Constantin Balaceanu Stolnici
Acad. Prof. Dr. Virgil Candea.




 Art. 47. The Foundation can be dissolved when the aim for which it was built is found in the impossibility to be achieved, or through judiciary decision under the provisions of art 58 and 59 from OG. Nr. 26/2000, Changed and supplemented through OG nr. 37/2003
In case of the Foundation’s dissolution, the goods abided at the liquidation will be transmitted to a juridical rightful private person with similar aims, which will be designated by the founder in time;
Art. 48. The problems arising between the Foundation and a third - juridical or physical person will be solved amiably and justly; in contrary case are the competence of rightful common courts of law in Romania, from the Foundation center.
Art. 49. The provisions of the present Statute are adapted accordingly and contextually with the provisions of the Romanian laws in force, on specificity.



Ghiulbenghian Marcela

Copyright 2007 - Fundatia "Tezaurul Sacru al Religiilor"